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Everything you ever wanted to know about Jex*

*But were afraid to ask

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Lovedest ever by the best husband. Doing our part to bring Moshiach right now by being the best Jews we know how to be. Learning all the time how to live life on the Derech.
Gigantic Disney nerds, we.

I am Mommy to Menachem Mendel (Deli or Curly for short), born April 11th, 2006 and Blueberry, Australian Cattle Dog, for all our Australian cattle. She's adopted. Curly is 100% breastfed. Blueberry will eat things that get dropped on the floor. Curly is cloth diapered. Blueberry goes outside. However, they both have lots of hair and sleep alot and like getting cuddled.
I am a housewife, a lactivist, a crafter. I'm sometimes insecure and sometimes really ballsy. I self medicate for anxiety with chocolate chips. I live in Brooklyn, but create entire other realities in my head. I am the queen of making-do. I want to be a famous, professional blogger, so feel free to refer others here if you find me interesting.

A wishlist

Birthdays are the biggest days.

It's a spectacled spectacular!
A glossary to help you on your way.
Here I am!